EM-ONE began with a social mission to provide affordable and accessible power to rural communities across Africa.  


And with seven out of ten people throughout Sub-Saharan Africa still unable to access reliable electricity, this goal continues to drive the company forward.  


Our founder, Mir Islam spent his childhood living in Nigeria, witnessing first hand how inadequate infrastructure and limited access to power, restricts economic growth and opportunity. After receiving his education in Canada, Mir returned to Africa and began working to broaden access, to electricity in energy poor communities. Over a decade later, and with numerous rural and urban power projects completed, Mir broadened his focus, opened an office in Canada and expanded EM-ONE's business mandates.

Today, EM-ONE continues to bring sustainable power to rural and urban communities while also helping clients of all sizes in Africa and North America increase efficiency, reduce losses, leverage clean technology and develop new innovative energy solutions.

Our offices in North America and Africa allow us to provide our clients with the most effective services and solutions. EM-ONE's on the ground knowledge and local employees ensure that we stay up to date on the most current matters and legislation, while fostering strong regional relationships and partnerships. Our strategic locations allow us to capitalize on new opportunities and move dynamically when change occurs.